Chris Bystrom Films

Blazing Boards

The original classic cinema surf flick, featuring Hawaii, Australia, California, Mexico and Exotic Isles. “Blazing Boards” captures the very essence of what riding waves is all about. If you love the ocean then be sure to check out the best surf film of the 1980s.

Beyond Blazing Boards

Chris Bystrom’s 1985 calssic, featuring perfect 12 ft. Padang Padang Bali, Australia, Mexico and California. “Beyond Blazing Boards” covers exciting free surfing action by the worlds top professionals in classic conditions around the world.

Cyclone Fever

Chris Bystrom’s ’94 classic Cyclone Fever was filmed entirely in 1994, “Cyclone Fever” documents the most insane three months in the history of Queensland surfing! Featuring mind-blowing Kirra, Burleigh and Noosa going off in ruler edged perfection and how a host of touring pros crammed a years worth of action into a few epic weeks.

Gravity Sucks

The most mind-blowing huge winter surf in 25 years belted Californias infamous break Mavericks in late December 1995 and only “Gravity Sucks” features all the epic rides and incredible wipeouts. “Gravity Sucks” features interviews and live action sound captured as it happened on location from both the land and sea.

Son Of The Last Surf Movie

*CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Son of the Last Surf Movie is incredible free surfing at its best with an eye on the future. From giant Pipeline to perfect Indonesian Barrels, Son of the Last Surf Movie jumps out of your TV monitor with fresh from the front hard core surf action. Dont be a wimp, wax up now and head off for the surfing adventure of a lifetime!

Blazing Longboards

Chris Bystrom’s ’96 Longboard Classic Blazing Longboards highlights epic performances by todays greatest longboarders. Featuring the heaviest California winter waves in 25 years from San Francisco to San Diego only Blazing Boards has the whole story.
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Longboarding is Not a Crime

This film showcases all aspects of Longboarding from recent competition coverage to classic free surf sessions along the entire east coast of Australia and winter action in Northern California and Hawaii.

Full Cycle

Chris Bystrom’s ’94 classic Full Cycle showcases the insane talents of todays hottest longboarders. From the challenging surf of Oahus North Shore to the pristine tubes on Queenslands Gold Coast, only Full Cycle delivers the big picture.