Blazing Longboards


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“Blazing Longboards” highlights epic performances by today’s greatest longboarders. Featuring the heaviest California winter waves in 25 years. See huge La Jolla including macking sessions at Big Rock, The Cove and firing double overhead Scripts Pier.

This video is a must have and is highly recommended by for high performance surfing on close to out of control size surf.

Filmed by Chris Bystrom and Carl Ackerman during the swell that took the life of great big wave rider “Mark Foo”.

“Blazing Longboards” includes classic insights by Greg Noll, Skip Frye, Tom Morey, Dorian Pakowitz, Donald Takayama and Leroy Grannis.

Surfers  Ray Gleave, Bonga Perkins, Josh Ferris, Jeff Kramer, Jason Blewitt, Jay Moriarity, Eric Summer, Dino Miranda, Bart Wilson, Kevin Connelly, Mike Meyers, Terry Simms, Joel Tudor, Joey Hawkins

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