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At last, the complete editors guide to surf movies, from the flickering images of breaking waves through to the take-no-prisoners Surf Vids of today. Surf Movies presents the sport, action and lifestyle of surfing, seen through the mirror of a century of film and video

Surfing has been a subject for films since the early days of cinema. From the seascapes shot by cinematographers to today’s advanced footage. The power and the beauty of the waves and long fascinated filmmakers. Wave riding has proved as popular for almost as long, with hundreds of films documenting wave riding produced before the middle of the century.

Since that time hundreds more have been made, establishing a new genre of cinema that is deserving by all. The movies are based on surfers, made by surfers for surfers and have been integral to the international expansion of the sport, resulting in worldwide popularity for a practice that began in the ocean more than a millennium ago. This is a book recording not only the innovation in design, equipment and wave riding ability but how much the sport has evolved and continues to progress.

Featuring: Chris Bystrom, Dick Hoole, George Greenough, Hal Jepsen, Paul Witzig, Alby Falzon, Bruce Brown and many more.

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