The Glide (Hard Cover)



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The Glide

Longboarding and the Renaissance of Modern Surfing

Chris Bystrom and Racheed Jameel Safady

First Edition 128pp.

The Glide is the first comprehensive look at Longboarding in nearly thirty years and explores the full spectrum of longboardings dramatic comeback in the 1990’s.

The Glide highlights the modern Longboard era and profiles original Pacific Longboarders like Bob Cooper, Peter Troy and Pat Curren.

The Glide also showcases the immense talents of current stars like Joel Tudor, Bonga Perkins and eighteen other profiles on the most innovative longboarders of the modern era.

Beautifully photographed by 28 of the surfing worlds best lens men and thoroughly researched, The Glide delivers a timeless statement about our favorite pastime.

The Glide is not just a book about surfing; it’s really a celebration of a lifestyle and passion that thousands of Australians share.

The real surfing story of the 1990’s is that longboarding has once again regained its former glory. The Glide is back to stay!

Bystrom has hit a home run with his first swing of the literary bat. Not since Hawaiian author Leonard Lueras created “Surfing- The Ultimate Pleasure” in 1984 has there been a book that uses such a pleasing conbination of beautiful packaging and verbal aloha to capture the soul of surfing.

This is a book that surfers can hand to a non-surfing loved one and say, “This is why I do what I do; this is why I am who I am, confident that after that person has read The Glide they will fully understand”.  Greg Ambrose / Honolulu Star Bulletin

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